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Realm Craft Cannabis proudly brings to you in 2020 a line of high quality small batch artisan products.

We start with our full spectrum of native terpene-rich extracts. An oil made from high quality fresh frozen flower expertly crafted by award-winning, long time industry veterans.
Our proprietary process ensures a perfect balance of
potency and flavor. Our products are not distilled high THC.
We preserve all the goodness that the plant has to offer.
Multiple cannabinoids, terpenes, terpenoids, flavonoids, & omega fatty acids bringing you an entourage effect like no other. You will feel and taste the difference.
Our formulated products offer other delivery methods,
sublingual and topical sprays delayed-release capsules and
even a tincture for our furry friends. Very minimal ingredients nano-emulsified or micro-encapsulated giving our products high bioavailability for the best possible effect.


Realm Craft


We work with expert cultivators using elite genetics to bring you the highest quality of indoor, greenhouse and full sun flowers. Available branded or in bulk.



Heavy metal free, ceramic element glass vape devices filled with our additive-free, native terpene-rich, full-spectrum oil made from fresh frozen flower.

Various SKUs of Indica, Hybrid, and Sativa, along with CBD-rich strains as well.

ABSOLUTELY no adulterants, no PG, VG, or any additives whatsoever. You can see, taste, and feel the difference.



Multiple ratios of full spectrum cannabinoids with fractionated coconut oil, natural phospholipids, and a delayed release vegetarian capsule, ensuring optimum bioavailability.

Realm Craft

Full Spectrum Cannabis PRoducts

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Realm Craft

Multi-use Spray

MCT oil based multi-use spray with multiple SKUs of cannabinoid ratios, micro-encapsulated cannabinoids ensuring high bioavailability.

Can be used sublingually, as a topical, even as a lubricant.


Pet Care

Full spectrum cannabinoids that benefit your pets by promoting mobility, relieving anxiety, and an all around healthier and happier life. Low THC, high CBD with other beneficial cannabinoids and enzymes made with love for our furry friends.

We also offer a NO THC Formula, 0% THC / 1000mg CBD – Legal in 50 states.

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